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We’ve got a simple idea…  we want to be your partner in caring for your dog or cat. We want to help you keep them healthy, vibrant, and to live longer. We also want to help you to be able to afford the best care possible.

There’s nothing as sad as being in a position where help is available but unaffordable. We all know that there are no guarantees in life, or in medicine. But there are very often great options and possibilities….  but too often these options can be prohibitively expensive.  For anyone.

So if you’re in a position of needing expensive diagnostics or treatments that can’t be guaranteed…. what can you do?  If you have pet insurance, the answer is that you go forward. If you don’t have pet insurance, sadly, that’s often the end of the road.

But with or without pet insurance, our job is it to give you the options available to you. We can help you figure out the best option, but the ultimate decisions are always yours.

Let us help.

  • Wellness Plans
  • Pet Insurance
  • High Tech, High Quality Medicine and Surgery
  • Integrating Acupuncture, Cold Laser, Stem Cell Therapy, Herbal and Nutritional Therapy

1. Our Mission

To provide you with the best options to care for pet as best possible, to keep them healthy, vibrant, and to live longer.

Our ultimate goal is to see you regularly for well care and preventive medicine…. and never with a sick pet. But we know that pets do get sick, and old…   and for those times we want to be your best resource to make them well again.

Nobody can stop aging or the infirmities that come with a long life, but we can help tremendously to keep your dog or cat as vibrant and pain free as possible as they age.

2. Our Objectives

Our main objective is to earn your trust so that you know that you can trust our recommendations. We can’t be your family member, but we want you to trust us as though we were.

3. Our People

Nobody goes in to veterinary medicine for the money. Everyone, on the other hand, goes into this profession because we love working with pets and with people.  We could all be making a much better living working in human medicine. We’re here because we’re passionate about keeping your pets healthy, and your relationship with your pets unbreakable.

A veterinary hospital is made up of:

  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary Nurses
  • Veterinary Assistants
  • Exam Room Nurses
  • Client Service Representatives
  • Kennel Assistants

and all of our jobs require the same passion and dedication to make sure your pets are cared for the same way we would care for our own pets.

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We're all About Relationships:

  • Between you and your pet
  • Between you and your veterinarian
  • Between your pet and your vet
  • Between you and our veterinary staff
  • Between your pet and our staff

Relationships are  built on trust, and over the years we’ve earned the trust of tens of thousands of clients and pets. Let us earn yours!

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Meet our team

Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses, Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Assistants, Client Service Representatives, Boarding Camp Counselors.... we all work together to make your pet's visit easy

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Phillip Raclyn, DVM CVA
Owner, Director, Veterinarian

Steven Kasanofsky, DVM CVA
Owner, Chief of Medicine, Veterinarian

Sylvia Bedford, DVM MS PhD, Dip.ACT

Maria Zayas, DVM
Consultant Surgeon

Don Deforge, VMD
Fellow, Academy of Veterinary Dentistry

Patrick Hopper, DVM DACVIM
Consultant: Ultrasound/Endoscopy

Jean Paul Petrie, DVM DACVIM - Cardiology
Consultant: Echocardiography/Cardiology

Chris Dillon, DVM Diplomate ACVS
Consultant: Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery

Rachel Groner, DVM CVFT

Jillian Santana
Practice Manager, Veterinary Nurse

Diane Travis
Practice Manager, Veterinary Nurse

Client Service Representative, Social Media

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Exam Room Nurse

Client Services, Exam Room Nurse

Client Services, Social Media

Client Service Representative

Boarding Counselor, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant

Boarding Counselor

Boarding Counselor, Vet Assistant

Patient Services


Patient Services

Hospital Esthetics

Client Services

Client Services

Veterinary Assistant, Exam Room Nurse

Off to Veterinary School

Patient Services

Client Services

Patient Services (and soon off to Vet School!)

Other stats about us

Here’s the most important stat for us:   98.7% clients surveyed after a visit said that they would refer a family or friend to us. That’s not bad, but we’re disappointed about the other 1.3%. We’re working on that!

Online reviews are interesting…..  I think many of us have learned to to put too much trust in them. Not necessarily because people are intentionally putting up mean reviews (although that does happen! We’ve had reviews by people who have never even been to us), but because we’re all so different. There are people in this world who give Domino’s five stars and think New York pizza is the pits. As much as we may try, we simply cannot please everyone.

One note we’ll make is that across the country, veterinarians routinely get bad reviews for being too expensive. We can’t argue that good medicine and surgery ARE expensive (which is why we have Wellness Plans and recommend Pet Insurance). But sadly, none of us have crystal balls or magic wands that would help us figure out what may be causing Fluffy to be feeling sick. We wish we did, but all we’ve got is our education, experience and deductive reasoning to help us understand what’s going on in a patient who can’t explain it.

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